• The Alkaline Lifestyle

    First and foremost an Alkaline Lifestyle is not to be confused with a diet or fad. It is a way of life and usually requires a lifestyle change from its proponents. Lately, many people are becoming “Alkaline” but from my observation, it seems to be a final resort to restore their health.


    An alkaline balanced body is free of mucus and inflammation and as such, is free of sickness and disease. This, of course, makes you healthy, vibrant, and energetic. An acidic body will show a selection of symptoms of ill health. A cold, for example, is one of the basic symptoms that, in an acidic body, can escalate to heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer.


    We all know at least 3 people who are ill or showing signs or other symptoms. Changing your diet will improve your pH and reduce your symptoms tremendously but changing your lifestyle is the key. Following Dr. Sebi’s lifestyle and teachings stresses the importance of consuming foods that are specific to the body’s makeup. Sebi took the “Alkaline-Vegan Lifestyle” a step further by focusing on and researching foods that are natural and a pure form.


    The major difference between the Alkaline The major difference between the Alkaline Lifestyle and Traditional Veganism, would be that a traditional vegan consumes fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains regardless of their origin or whether they are genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or hybrid varieties. On the other hand, a person following Dr. Sebi’s methodology would consume foods that are alkaline in nature and foods closest to their original state. Many other chronic diseases/conditions that can be resolved with a change in lifestyle and diet. High levels of stress, negative energies, lack of exercise and poor, shallow

    breathing (which most of us do all day long) all play a key role in contributing to these chronic diseases.